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As we move into the warmer months, we have stopped shipping to ensure the integrity of our chocolate. Please stop at our shop for local pickup. Thank you!

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Hatch Chile Pistachio Bark

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Classic flavors found in New Mexico! Experience the unique and bold flavors of our Hatch Chile and Pistachio Bark. This distinctive creation starts with a rich, dark chocolate base.. Infused into the chocolate are the renowned New Mexico Hatch Chile peppers. The warmth of the chiles is beautifully balanced with the addition of roasted pistachios. Each bite of this bark is a delightful play of spicy and sweet, with the pistachios adding a layer of earthy complexity. Ideal for those who enjoy a gourmet twist on classic chocolate, our Hatch Chile and Pistachio Bark is a daring yet harmonious blend of flavors. Did we mention the bark is also vegan??

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