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Shipping will be available again in Fall 2024

As we move into the warmer months, we have stopped shipping to ensure the integrity of our chocolate. Please stop at our shop for local pickup. Thank you!

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Founded in 2008, Melt Chocolates, Ltd, is a small, artisan chocolate company located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Melt Chocolates strives to make contemporary looking and incredible tasting chocolates in small, hand-made batches. We use the finest ingredients and buy locally whenever possible.

From the beginning, Melt Chocolates has taken a different approach. We started in our home kitchen, relocated to a shared kitchen and eventually moved to our own kitchen-only space in October 2013. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a huge retail store, we opted to invest money into equipment and training. Our chocolate equipment is primarily from Europe. This equipment allows us to achieve superior and consistent results when we make our fillings and the bon-bon shells. We strive to always have that 'snap' when you bite through our chocolate shells.

With the move to Bay View in 2017, we researched and invested in HVAC technology that will allow us to precisely control our kitchen environment. This gives us uniform tempering results each and every working day. We can even cool the kitchen when it is -18F outside! Our new retail chocolate display case is imported from Europe and is designed specifically for chocolate. By controlling both temperature and humidity, we can ensure the chocolate pieces will not dry out while on display.

Each chocolate piece is a creation. We consult recipe books, however, most of our inspiration comes from life experiences. Even though we have a contemporary twist, we still use traditional European techniques when making our chocolates. Our delicious artisan chocolates are made using the freshest and more pure ingredients. You will never find anything artificial in our products.

Our major upscale hospitality clients include Hotel Sorella, Houston, TX, Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago, IL, Intercontinental Hotel, Boston, MA, and The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, CA.

We hold these beliefs to be true:

  • Use only the highest quality, natural, and fresh ingredients
  • Fair Trade
  • A living wage
  • Tolerance of all people
  • Giving back

Melt Chocolates is dedicated to making the world a better place. We are finding ways to do it through our passion - chocolate.

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