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milk chocolate, mango, habanero pepper, jamaican rum

wild strawberry reduction, white chocolate yuzu ganache

white chocolate kalamansi ganache w/lime, mandarin orange & kumquat notes

dark chocolate, fresh blueberry, cinnamon, cardamom (vegan)

Remarkable Milk
milk chocolate ganache w/notes of vanilla, cherry, almond, and cinnamon

milk chocolate butter ganache w/blood orange, vanilla, and grand marnier

KK Monty
dark chocolate butter ganache, Door County cherries, GLD KK Whiskey

guava compote, white chocolate and yogurt ganache

dark chocolate, almond, disaronno amaretto

Red Raspberry
dark chocolate, fresh raspberry, chambord (vegan)

Sea Salt Caramel
velvety soft caramel, fleur de sel

white chocolate, pineapple, coconut, malibu rum

Passion Fruit
milk chocolate, fresh passion fruit

82% cacao single origin DR dark chocolate

Avocado Honey Bee
caramelized avocado blossom honey milk chocolate ganache

Fruited Caramel
dark chocolate shell, seasonal fruited caramel

White Ruby
white chocolate shell, ruby chocolate ganache

Almond Praline
white chocolate shell, milk chocolate almond praline 

Hazelnut Cassis
black currant compote, milk chocolate hazelnut ganache

Simply Dark
dark chocolate shell, dark chocolate caramel ganache

Tropical Caramel
white chocolate shell, mango passion fruit caramel


*Even though we try out best, please note all flavors may not be in stock

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