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As we move into the warmer months, we have stopped shipping to ensure the integrity of our chocolate. Please stop at our shop for local pickup. Thank you!

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Meet Bjorn

Growing up in Door County, Wisconsin, Bjorn discovered his love for food at an early age. A descendant of Scandinavian immigrants, Bjorn remembers helping his mother and grandmother at a very early age stirring up Swedish puff pastry and other family treats. To this day, he helps his family over three days to prepare the annual Thanksgiving feast.

While in high school, Bjorn continued his culinary journey by starting out as a dishwasher at a fine plate restaurant, working his way to the cooking line and finally into desserts. Dipping strawberries in Belgian chocolates and making fruit cups with chocolate, raspberries, and wasabi unleashed a world of ideas and creativity that would remain pent up for a few years.

Bjorn moved to Milwaukee to pursue an engineering degree. To help pay for college, he took a position as a line cook at the very prestigious Ristorante Bartolotta in Milwaukee. He learned how to cook in the Tuscany tradition under the tutelage of the Bartollotta founders and chefs. Bjorn remained there until the restaurant closed.

Bjorn founded the company in 2008 during the Great Recession by purchasing some chocolate-making equipment off Craigslist. After cleaning and rehabilitating the equipment, he made his first batch of chocolate on December 31, 2008. Armed with just a few ingredients, a recipe book, and a dream, Bjorn started sharing his creations with friends, family, and co-workers. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming, and soon, people wanted to purchase his chocolates! It was then that he knew something truly special was happening.

Bjorn has trained with world-renowned chefs from Europe and South America. He has taken a modern approach to bonbon making. His creations deliver a contemporary look, infused with powerful flavor combinations, while maintaining the utmost respect for quality.

The rest, as said, is history. Come, experience Bjorn’s chocolates for yourself. The flavors and sensations of his chocolates are amazing.

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