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Molded Bonbons

Classic Bonbons


This classic truffle has fresh raspberries that are steeped in Chambord black raspberry liqueur and conflated with our 53% cacao Belgian chocolate. Pleasing to all, you can never go wrong with this chocolate.


Canadian wild blueberries coalesced with spices from India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia puts an exotic twist on this traditional truffle. Savor the velvet-smooth ganache as your senses tempt you with visions of far away places.

Sea Salt Caramel Cream

What more can we say? Rich, buttery caramel cream surrounded by dark chocolate and accented by Fleur de Sel Sea Salt.


What do you get when you combine Amaretto with a 53% dark chocolate? Why Amaretto Truffles, of course.  Slightly sweet almond liqueur unites with a creamy dark chocolate ganache to create this delicate truffle center.

Contemporary Bonbons


Break out the steel drums and put on some Harry Belafonte. This mango-infused truffle will make it feel like you are lounging on a beach somewhere on the island of Trinidad. Don’t be fooled by the richness of the milk chocolate and beware of the Scotch Bonnet’s surprise.

Strawberry Milkshake

This white chocolate center tastes like pure strawberry. Not too sweet, but not too milky either. Creamy, thick, pale pink.. just.. strawberry-strawberry-strawberry. Why eat dinner when you can eat this shake instead?

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